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He was my first serious boyfriend

It was the first time I had ever had someone say they loved me and then I feel the same feelings too. He was my first serious boyfriend. We met at work and after hanging out for a while we started dating. At work, school, and home, people thought we were the perfect couple. That we would probably be together for a long, long time. After a while I also started believing this. As time went by we got more and more serious. And because I thought we would be together forever I went farther with him than I knew I should. A week before our one year ann. I started talking to him about how he had changed in the past month. He had become withdrawn and wouldn't really talk to me other than hi and all the other polite things you are suppose to say to a person you know. I was confused. He had told me that he was in love with me after 3 months of dating and so I had always thought he ment it. It's funny how love can blind you about certain things people do and say. Well, after we talked for a while he told me that he wanted to break up, but that he really wanted us to still be friends. I was confused at that point, so my responce was yeah, OK. But in side I wanted to scream i love you. Well, I suppose it was pride that kept me from saying what I really felt. Then after he had said he wanted to break up he asked if I would hold hands one last time. So as you can quess how confused I was. Why would he want to touch me, or still be friends if he wanted to break up. After that day we hung out a few times. He told me that it was a gut feeling that he had about our break up and that it was the right thing to do. Since then we don't really talk, not like we use to. Sometimes I'll see him at work and he'll say hi, but i've never gotten a real reason to why we broke up. Now it's odd looking back, thinking about all the good times, the times where i felt completly loved. He was my first love. All the memories are real, but you can't really love someone when they no longer love you back. It would be more like an obsession then. So as time went by my feelings for him slowly died. I don't think I'll ever quite forget him. He was after all, my first love. Time heals pain, but never fully erases the memories.


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