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the worst thing you can do is to regret something that once made you smile.

i just needed a fresh start. i had just finished the school year and i had never been more stressed. i decided that i would switch high schools. i spent the summer trying not to be so nervous for the coming year. i remember driving on the way to school the first day trying to imagine what my life would be like in the coming year. well i arrived at school to see hundreds of my new class mates who of course i had never seen before. it was now that i was starting to second think my decision to switch schools. then all of the sudden i see a familiar face. i cant remember where i had seen him before but he was in 4 of my 6 classes. finally he came up to me ( i was too nervous to really do anything that day) and says that we were in drivers ed. last year. that was it! now it all fit together. since we had the same schedual pretty much i walked around with him and he introduced me to people. then on our way to 5th period he said to mo " L***, there is someone that you have to meet he is the funniest guy ever, you'll love him" then we walked in the class room and i saw exactly the person i hoped it would be...
you see that morning while i was getting my I.D> picture taken i saw this guys sitting in the auditorium and i thought to myself..." wow i hope that i could get a guy like that , he's really cute"
and its not that im un attractive. i get hit on a lot and i am very comfortable with my looks.
well we walked in the class room and my friend introduces me to we'll call him ky. his jaw dropped as did mine. then he introduced himself and i sat by him and his friend. well in a matter of minutes we were best friends. talking, laughing, everything i could have wished for- i was so excited. but i had no idea if he felt the instant connection i had so i waited. oyr friends ship went on for a short time then he totally surprised me.
he asked me to go out to dinner with him at a very fancy retaruant on friday night, i said of course. well friday night came i drove to his house. when i got there the house was glowing- it looked like heaven. when i walked in i realized the entired thing was lit by candles. there were roses everywhere. he knew what my favorite food was so he made me a 6 course meal from scratch all by himself. every thing was perfect right down to the tiki lit backyard where the hot tub was waiting. it was on this night that i realized that he did care for me in the way i hoped, it was the night i realized just how strongly i cared for him. sfter that we were inseperable. everything was perfect and in harmony he would surprise me with tulips my favorite flower- just because he thought it would brighten my day and i would bake him his favorite cookies- just if i thought he might enjoy them.
it wasn't over night that i fell in love with ky, i honestly dont know when it happened, it may have been when i first met him or when i first told him- i dont know but i do know that i never could imagine the amout of love that i would have in my heart for ky. in a sense we were supposed to be together. he has givin me the push i need and i have givin the pull he wanted.
ky has all of my firsts and i dont regret anything with me the worst thing you can do is to regret something that once made you smile. so wherever our future takes us whether we are together or apart, i know that i have gotten to share a love that so many people would kill to have. and in that i should be thankful- for the opportunity just to love ky and to have him love me back.


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