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We fell in love after that and it has been a year since

A while ago July 2004, I was just an ordinary girl 14 years old just helping out a friend with some business stuff he had to do. He is 20. This went on for about a week, just typing letters and names, that sort of stuff. On the weekend my sister went to a riends place and he still needed help, so I asked my parents if I could go and help. They said yes and so I went.

So we were at the workshop and I was busy typing up names. His dad had to go out for a delivery and his mum went home, so we were left there alone. His mum had said finish up quickly and get home. So after they left we packed up and got ready to go. When everything was ready, he started chasing me around as friend would just playing games. Then he pinned me on the ground, sat on my stomach and said:

"Would you mind if I kissed you on the cheek?". So because I did have a crush on him I said yes and he kissed me on both of my cheeks. He then asked me if he could kiss me on the lips, so I said yes. Then he asked me if I had ever French Kissed, I said no and he said "Would you like to try?". Out of the blue I said yes and we started kissing. AFter that we were on our way home and I was shaking, and he said "Sweety, it will be ok".

A week went by and we went out to the city for a business meeting and we spent the day together. We fell in love after that and it has been a year since.


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