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only death could seperate a love like we had

only death could seperate a love like we had.
in 8th grade i met k. we started to like eachother imidietly, but wew were young and we knew it. so for the next year we were best friends. we talked everyday about every thing, life was good. in the begining of my sophmore year k asked me to be his girlfriend. that year both of us were on home comming court- our love seemed so perfect, and it was. we were together all through high school. for i college i was accepted to pepperdine university in california and he was accepted into kentucky university. so as you can see this would prove to be quite the struggle. our freshman year of college was the hardest it could have been. there was frustration and pain for both of us due to this seperation. but in the summer before my sophmore year of college i got a knock on my door, a knock that i had dreamt about for a year. it was k! he told me how hard it had been to keep his secret, but he told me that he had transfered to pepperdine to be with me. it was love all over again. only a few months later was it that he proposed to me. ours lives seemed to be perfect. togther we made the choice to have a long engagement and that we would get married after our college graduation. one night on our way to the movies, a night that was raining like i had never seen, we passed by an accident on the side of the road. it must have just happened because the police werent even there yet. well k, like the caring guy he was decided that we should help them. he opened his door and tlod me to stay put until he came back, he told me he wouldnt take long, that he just wanted to make sure no body was hurt. i told him that i would wait there, and that i thought he was amazing. but when k was walking to the damged car on the side of the road he was hit by a drunk driver and killed instantly. i saw the whole thing. it was as if i saw myself die that night. k knew how much i loved him, and i knew how much he loved me. i would have never imagined my life would have such a horrible change of direction but it did, i used to wonder if there was something i could have done, but all i did was hurt myslef even more. so now im just working on living, day by day, one breath by one breath.


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