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I want to let you know how much Ilove you and how much you mean to me as a cousin!

This is the continuing of I'm in love with my cousin. Well, 3 years later My dad decided to go down there to visit our family for Christmas vacation. I immediately told him "no, I want to spend Christmas with my B.F. and I can stay at her house!" My dad said "No you are going to go with us!" But deep down inside I did'nt want to go because I knew If I will go something will happen between me and my cousin. I don't want to get hurt! I'M afraid to fall in love with him. I can't do this to myself. Well, anyways my family and I spend Christmas down there. It was fun but I knew deep inside I was to weak to do this. Well the night before my family and I were going to leave back home, My parents and my cousins parents went out for Dinner. Us 6 cousins stayed home. We were sitting in the couch watching t.V. when suddenly he told me he wanted to talk to me. SO, me and him went to his bedroom. I had butterflies all over my stomach. He locked the door so nobody will come in. He started telling me how sorry he was for what happened that night. He said he was an idiot. But he said he is to weak too. So I told him sorry too for what we have done but that did't help. We both started kissing again. We both were crazy for each other. We both told each other that we love each other again. We were too weak to let it go by. Then 2 years later year 2005, I had gone to Oklahoma for a trip for my church. While in oklahoma I called my momo to tell her hi and that I miss her. My mom told me that my cousin was home for the weekend. I felt another cold rush through my body. I arrived at home. I was once again afraid to meet him again. Actually I was more nervous and embarrass to meet him because now I.m 17 and he is 19. We already grown up now we are not little kids anymore. I have to stand up no matter what. While at my house my parents let me and my brother and cousin go to the mall. WHile there my brother was looking at some basketball shoes and my cousin and i were stting down in a bench. I was afraid to talk to him. But he began asking me about school so I felt alot better now. Out of nowhere he told me he was sorry for what he has done to me in the past years. I told him I was sorry too. He told me we were crazy back then. But he also told me that he still loves me very much like a really good cousin and that he wanted to give me a hug that will never end I told him that too. After that I felt alot better. Right now he is still here visiting us he doesn't know I'm writting this but if you N***** ever read this I want to let you know how much Ilove you and how much you mean to me as a cousin! Wish you luck in your future!


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