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I was astounded. He is my lover, my bestfriend, my soulmate, my everything!

alright. Let me begin. It was about 7 months ago in febraury a couple days after valentines day and i was with some guy for a week who was 26(I'm 18, I'll be 19 in one month) he was a singer of a band but he was soo sweet and caring already. but my parents didn't think he was for me and thought he was much to old... anyways, my mom and I decided to go to the mall and we stopped at a local gas station in my town. She decided to get full serve that day which was unusual. we stopped the car and waited for the attendant to come out. All of a sudden out walks a gorgeous tall blueish eyed boy. We held each others gaze as he walked toward our car. I said to my mom "wow, he's hott!" and my mom said "ya, he is, ask for his number" I replied no way! ... plus I'm with c* anyways" I looked back at him filling our tank and he was looking at me. then to my surprise he cleans all of our windows. Then we pay him and he walks back inside but hes looking over his shoulder at me. My mom said she would wait here and i should go in and talk to him. i said "no! just drive off" and we did... A week later it was over with c*, he ended up never calling me again and i had to get the hint.. so anyways I'm at my friend noels house nad his buddy d* comes by and says "hey lets go to my place theres people there drinking. so we agreed. I got there and was a little uncomfortable(plus n* and I were close and he was drunk so had his arm around me there) Then like in a dream in walks the mysterious gas attendant boy. my jaw dropped i couldn't believe it. I said "hey, you work at a gas station right?" he said "ya" I said "you pumped my gas last week" he just nodded and shyly looked away. Then he said "my names m*" and firmly shook my hand. Then he vanished and i was told he went to work at 11(the 3rd shift). so then a couple days later i went back to d* apartment(m* is one of his roomates). it was a cold snowy night and i walked all the way from n* house after havign a fight with one of my friends... So i got there and m* was there but there was a girl in his room so i thought he was dating her.. so i sat in the livingroom by myself in hopes he would come in to talk.. sure enough he comes in and i say"excuse my appearance, i look horrible" he said "stop the self pity, gosh" and i told him how i walked from my friends house after a fight. Then i ask "do you like the band blood has been shed" and he said "omg! i love them" then he sits next to me and hugs me and jockingly says "i love you!!!" then we discuss bands. and he welcomes me to hang out with him and his friends in his room. Then i walk away and pull d* aside and tell him im interested in his roomate m*. d* informs me that he has a history of being a player. so now im doubtful... Well by then im almost drunk so i walk down the hall and m* is walking down to so i pull him to the wall and say" don't be immature with me, I know what your up to... and I'm telling you know I'm not like that" he was taking aback. then some strange forces caused us to kiss. then we talked the whole night and i ended up sleeping over. and the next day we hung out again and he asked me to be his girlfriend and i said yes! we had so much in common and the same sense of humor it was lik meeting a best friend...a week later we told each other "i love you" a month went on and i had doubts that he was using me and he assured me he wasn't.. he said " why would i use you? you have told me all your problems and im still with you when other guys wouldnt be" and i said that was true...( cause i suffer from an eating disorder, anxiety, depression and at the time self injury... i was all messed up and drugs) another month went by and he started coming around my house and meeting my family and getting comfortable.. We spent nearly every day together! (cept for I'd say 2 or 3 days out of 4 months) now this is the sad part... my family put our house up for sale end of june. and i had a decision to move with them or stay with m* and be working at wendys... i decided to move. but it would be 35 minutes away and we both dont have our lisence. so the month of july really showed me how close we were and how special he is to me.. he has helpped me become a stronger person about my eating disorder and we have kicked drugs together(we both still smoke ciggies though!) he helped us move at the end of july. and that final day he parted from me was horrible i cried the whole time he was here... we promised to stay strong and he said "one day we will get married, i cant wait to put that ring on your finger...." so it was tiem to bring him back up home to drop him off... i got back to my new house and bawled for 4 days straight it felt like. i couldnt hardly eat, i was tired all the time. he calls me every night to this day to talk with me and catch up. a week from the move i got a chance to go up to his town and sleepoever for 2 nights. when i saw him again(even thoguh it was a week apart) i felt soo alivce again i was shaky and speechless. he said it was because we were so spiritually connected. cause he felt it too. now it has been 3 days since i have seen him.. but he has lost his job and aonly has a week left at his apartment. He told me he would have to be homeless. but his choice is to be homeless in my town just so he could see me everyday... he said he would apply everywhere find a job then get back on his feet. I was astounded. He is my lover, my bestfriend, my soulmate, my everything!NOW I know this is true love. forever.

I love my m* with all my heart. thankyou god.


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