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I opened the door and saw the love of my life i.e. my friend, the guy I was sort of dating

It was the day of the Big Black Out in New York. People were coming out in droves from their office buildings, apartments, stores, cars, etc. to see what the problem was this time. There is always something going on in NYC. The majority of individuals resorted to walking because the trains and subways were out of comission. Buses were the only mode of transportation. People had no choice but to walk. They walked in all directions to get home wherever they lived. Traffic lights were out but nevertheless we made due. The local bars were giving away beer as fast as they could and people from all walks of life joined in. It turned out to be a fun time. I happened to meet a business man who began flirting with me and I thought nothing of it. He continued to speak to me and after a mediocre conversation and much prodding he convinced me to let him stay the night. This was due to the fact that I lived three blocks away and he lived all the way up on the upper east side. "I already knew" that nothing was going to come of this but he probably thought otherwise. We walked around looking for an unlit restaurant which had food and luckily found one. We decided to take our dinner back to my place.
The guy already had his shoes off and was eating when there was a knock on my door. I looked through the peep hole but it was black. All I could see was this glow in the dark fish. I opened the door and saw the love of my life i.e. my friend, the guy I was sort of dating, the man who always made me laugh. I welcomed him with open arms as he began to tell me how he had to take two packed buses with crying babies and no seats and no air conditioning in a t-shirt with a glow in the dark fish on it. He came all the way from 109th street to see if I was safe. As he shook my guests hand as a friendly gesture he sat down to chat. Realizing this might not be a good time he prepared to leave. I told him not to go and looked at my guest and had him leave. The guy would be fine. The walk would not kill him. This was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me. Sweat and all.


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