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once we are old enough to make our own decisions he will tell the family about our relationship

I have a cousin who live quite a distance from me and every few years I would visit him. Growing up in a different environment I've have always treated him as my older brother whom I can talk to, but about 2 years ago when I went back to visit him I've realized that I've fallen in love with him. However, I kept it to myself cuz I was afraid if I let him know it will ruin the relationship we have now. Finally the night before I leave him we had this intimate kiss session and it was a kiss I would never forget cuz it gave me a really warm feeling towards him. After leaving him I've always asked myself what made him kissed me, but the only thing that came across my mind is that he only did that for fun. However, 2 years later when I went back to visit him I found out that he had also fallen in love with me the first time we met, but much like me he was afraid to show his love for me. We both know the fact that we are cousins and would never having a good ending even if we're together, but we didn't care since we are so in love with one another. Like usual me and him would act like nothing is going on around our family and others, but when we are alone we would cherish every moment we are together. I also told him several times that we shouldn't go on with our relationship cuz the deeper it gets the harder it will be for the both of us since we don't have a future and cuz we live in a different world. Even so he told me that no matter what happens he will wait for me and once we are old enough to make our own decisions he will tell the whole family about our relationship. I know that he will keep his promise to me, but knowing my family they will never accept us being together so I'll just have to wait and see where life brings me in the future. No matter what the outcome for the both of us might be like I will never regret loving him and I would always keep in my heart the time we share with each other even if it means I would have to part with him one day.


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