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One of those forbidden love stories that you think you only read about or see on television

My story is a true Romeo and Juliet. One of those forbidden love stories that you think you only read about or see on television. I'm in love with an incarcerated man who had asked me to marry him while he's in jail. My answer to him was I will marry him. My friends and family thinks that me dedicating myself to him is the biggest mistake I could ever make in my life and, well, disapprove and told me if I was to marry him that they wouldn't show up at my wedding or give me thier blessings. I feel as though I know him better than they think I do. I know that I love everything about him. I love everything about him that can't really be seen in a mirror . . . honestly. I know what I feel for him is beyond any physical attraction because we met by writing letters to each other. When he came home the first time I was so nervous, but then that's when I realized that he's the one . . . everyone has something to say about something. When he got arrested again they didn't think he was right for me and they said that I was a lot more smarter than what my actions were showing. I'm not trying to upset anyone I love by marrying him and taking his last name, but this could be my last shot at love. What really upsets me is that no one even takes time to ask me WHY I love him so much. But Ima take time to tell everyone who is reading this exactly why I love him the way that I do. I love the depth of his soul. I love that he's so smart and educated and the fact that he never gives up on life when things get too tough for him. I love the way he loves me. The way he treated me when he was home and the way he treats me now that he can't touch me. I love that he thinks of me as his friend and that he always come to me for unaswered questions. I love his smile, his eyes and the way he lick his lips. I love his half smile and some of the things he says. I love that he could talk to me about any and everything at anytime of the day. I love that he's so goofy, but knows how to be serious when I need him to be. I love that together we have fun and apart he only misses me. I love that when it seem like my entire world was demolishing right in front of my eyes, he came and rescue me. He was there for me and I confide all my deepest secrets to him like a diary. I love that I could always count on his shoulder to lean on and his words to make me feel better. Not to mention when I'm on the verge of tears, he always has a funny joke to tell or encouraging words for me. That's my soldier and I love him until god takes me off this earth. While everyone is so busy criticizing his past they're not even asking me what he's done for me. They're so busy saying papers going to follow him everywhere he goes. This may be true and all, but they don't know that he got the strength to meet all his goals. The things my prince charming has done for me in the past year of re-entering my life no one will ever know, but me. As much as I want my family at my wedding to share in that special day, I would choose him as my husband and the man I'm willing to spend the rest of my day with.

But I would like to thank a few people for their support in me and A*. Thanks to my girl, C* . . . his lil sister. Thanks to my sister and her baby . . . and the most thanks to my mother, Ms. L.S. for believing that a young adult should follow her heart no matter what. I also thank all those who does support me, but I fail to mention, but these people I did mention . . . really lets me know that they are a hundred percent behind me.


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