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Can my love be so blind that i cant see the truth?

Love stories never ends because there is no ending. We never stop loving. My love for this guy that iam dating too much. I can feel it in my heart, my mind. He is always in my thoughts. I never felt this way before..and now that iam actually feeling loved, there is so much consequences in our relationship. First of all he is younger, 7 yrs younger to me..and that he is single and i was married before to a monster. I learnt what love is when i met him...but unfortunately God has put me in a situation where i dont have any where to go but to struggle inside me. I cry every nite thinking i will loose him one day, and the thought of living without him makes me really sad cuz i feel that i cant live without him. His parents know about us and they always stop him from seeing. Even though they do he still sees me every weekends, but i want to be with him all the time. He makes me laugh, I dont know what the time is and how fast the time goes when iam with him. Cuz we are so much compatiable that we just love to be with each other. Iam missing him rite now..i havent seen him for last 4 days and iam craving to be with him. Could it be that he is ignoring me? Can my love be so blind that i cant see the truth? ......i dont know..all i know is that i love him...tooo much....


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