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My heart will always be with you no matter what. To my future husband I love you too baby

Don't let go of your first love unless you know that is really what you want. I was a freshman in high school and I meet this amazing man. He was a football player and sexy as hell. I feel in love with him as soon as I set eyes on him. The first time we really came face to face was at a park down the street from me. He and some other guys were playing football and he came up to me and asked me if I would hold his hat. Well it started raining and I left it didn't think anything else about it. The next day I seen him at school we would pass eachother in the halls and just stair at eachother like we would never see eachother again. Well after about 2 months in school he finally asked me out. We started dating and it was the most wonderful feeling I had ever had. We were always together if we weren't together than we were on the phone with eachother. We dated for 16 months and me being young and stupid broke up with him for another guy just because i thougt I could and get away with it. Well my true love keep trying to get me back up until he left in June for the Marines. Well I would never get back with him and that was the biggest mistake I had ever made. Well me and that other guy keep dating and I ended up getting pregant by him well the day I told him I was pregant he left me. I tried for the first couple of months to try and get him in my sons life and he would have no part of it. So I moved on and now I have meet a man who has been here since my son was 10 months old and he loves me and my son to death and would do anything for us. We are fixing to get married. I still want my first true love to know that if he reads this I would really love to talk to him and know if he is ok. My heart will always be with you no matter what. To my future husband I love you to baby.


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