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A broken heart isnít as easy to mend as she thought and that itís really hard to say goodbye

There was a girl who fell in love with a guy she met in school. He fell in love with her too. But they decided not to start a relationship because it would ruin their close friendship.
Weeks had passed and the girl decided she had to grab her chance and start a relationship with him because he was quite popular with the girls. The time came to tell him this. As she was about to tell him, he told her he had been asked out by another girl and he had accepted. The girl was upset and angry at the guy because he knew she really liked him. She soon got over it and continued to love him.
About a month later, the girl went on holiday with her family and her friend. She kept in contact with the guy, who was no longer with his girlfriend because they both decided to end it. The girl told the guy over text message that she wanted to start a relationship with him, as she didnít have a chance to tell him before. The guy told her he wanted to have a relationship with her too but not anytime soon, because his ex girlfriend was feeling suicidal and the last thing she would need is to find the guy had a new girlfriend straight after she had finished with him.
The girl agreed and decided to wait a bit longer for him because she loved him so much. A week went by and it was coming close towards the end of the girlsí holiday. The guy said he still wasnít ready for a relationship. They didnít keep in touch for the last few days of the girlsí holiday because the guy had no credit on his phone.
On the girlsí last night, she met someone who she liked and he liked her back. She liked him so much that she asked him out and he said yes. She text the guy she loved and told him that he had strung her along for too long and she had met someone else, although she still loved him. The guy surprisingly text her back saying he had just bought credit to ask her out and he was going to batter someone random in the park because he was so angry about what she had told him.
The girl told him not to and that she wasnít going to dump her new boyfriend for him because he had strung her along for long enough. Deep down the girl still loved the guy but she wanted him to see how it felt to watch the person you love, love someone else like she did.
On the night the girl got home, she rang her friend who was talking to the guy on MSN. The girl was crying on the phone to her friend while the guy was telling the girlsí friend to tell the girl that he hated her and he never wanted to speak to her again. The girl was broken hearted but wasnít going to say sorry because the guy had done exactly the same to her as she did to him, and he didnít say sorry to her.
The girl realised that going out with someone she met on holiday and someone she will never see was a big mistake. So the girl spoke to the guy and asked him out and she explained how she felt for him. He told her it was wrong to let her ask him, and then he asked her out. The girl was shocked and extremely happy. She told him her answer was yes.
All was going well for the girl and the guy at that time, but it wasnít going to last. They shared their first kiss on a coach on the way back from a school trip to France. They had so many so many good times and a lot of laughs. It was all too good to be true. The girl and the guy were together for nearly seven months.
Halfway through the sixth month, the girl noticed that the guy wasnít really paying much attention to her and didnít seem interested in her at all. She questioned him about it and he said he was fine and he still loved her. She didnít believe him, but she didnít tell him this.
One Friday night the school had a performance. Both the guy and the girl went to it. She knew something was bothering him that night as she was the one always making the first moves in holding his hand and stuff. The guy told her he was fine when she asked him if he was ok. But what the girl didnít know was that the guy was thinking hard about whether he loved her anymore or not. The girl hated the way the guy was acting lately and it had cost her many tears. She had lost count on how many times she had cried over it.
The guy left the performance early and gave her a kiss before he went. The girl didnít know though, that it was their last ever kiss. The weekend went by quickly and the girl and the guy arranged for him to go to her house after school on the following Wednesday. This was something the girl was really looking forward to.
But on the Monday before that, the girl saw the guy with his arm round another girl and they were holding hands. She didnít confront him straight away. So that night, she rang him and asked him if he was cheating on her. He said no and asked her why she wanted to know. She told him what she had seen earlier that day. The guy told her she was just a mate and said he couldnít believe that the girl didnít trust him. The girl told him that she did trust him and that she had never seen him put his arm around a girl who was just a friend before so she had to suspect something. The guy didnít accept what she had said and hung up on her and turned his phone off.
The girl text him and continued to ring him but there was no reply from the guy. The girl cried nearly all night, knowing that her and the guy she loved so much were going to split up soon.
The girl went on MSN that night and the guy was online. She told him she loved him and that she was sorry for accusing him of cheating on her. She told him she didnít want their relationship to end over something so stupid. The guy went offline so the girl rang him instead. The guy told her he didnít know if he loved her or if he could trust her anymore. The girl told him there would be no point in going on if he didnít trust her anymore because relationships are all about trust. (Even thought she wanted to be with him forever). He told her that it was over and he was really sorry and he still loved her loads as a mate. Hearing that didnít help. The girl was devastated and heartbroken and cried herself to sleep that night.
The girl still cries over the guy who was her first love. She doesnít love him anymore but she has not long got over him. Now she just misses all of the great times they shared together, and wishes she had never seen him with his arm around another girl. She knows what he is really like now and realises she is better off without him. She wishes she would have listened to her friends when they told her the guy was no good for her.
The guy has had three girlfriends since he broke up with the girl. He is still with the third one who is one of the girlsí best friends. The girl doesnít want the guy to hurt his girlfriend the way he hurt her. The girl has found out two things from all of this: A broken heart isnít as easy to mend as she thought and that itís really hard to say goodbye.


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