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he plays me songs on his guitar for me...and also love songs

I have never been in love until i met "Jason." Yeah, sure...i have had plenty of crushes, but ive never loved them. ive also never had a bf, and i never really understud love, up until a few months ago when i went to camp and met the guy of my dreams, Jason.

It started off as a normal summer at camp. my friend promised me before camp started, that she would get me a bf, but i highly doughted it. she got a bf the first thursday of camp. (what a suprise for her.) her guy was cute...and funny. i liked him. but he was a friend to me and i was a friend to him. he didnt know i liked him. i didnt like him that much, but hey. this isnt about him.

on brother/sister viz, me, my friend, her bf, and my other friend went down a big hill to see our siblings in the younger camp. my friends bfs friend jason was down there, with a few other guys from our camp, talking to eachother. he was also really cute. but i didnt say anything.

it was the night of the first camp dance, and i didnt have anything to wear. my two other camp friends let me try on some clothes, but i didnt really like em. they were too flashy. (i tried all the clothes on for the heck of it.) when i was trying on a skirt from my friend p*, my friend s* (the one with the bf) looked up from reading her harry potter book and said "a skirt? huh...i dont think Jason would like that." (note: jason is goth) i looked down at her a little startled. i wondered if she knew i liked him, but i never showed i did. then i started thinking....does he like me? but i just brushed those thoughts away. in the end, i just wore casual clothes to the movie we saw, (me, sarah and her bf) because sarahs bf wanted to watch the movie instead (there was a choice between a movie and the dance.)

for the next 3 weeks, i have been seeing jason around camp, liking him a little bit more each time. i hung out with him sometimes, with s* and her bf. we never hung out alone, until rock wars started.(on the last friday of camp)

jason and s* were on my team. s* bf was on another, but we snuck him in. jason had a camera. he took a picture of s* and then turned to me. i said "nooo!" and i hid in my long hair, hiding my face. jason said "come on, i want a picture." but i didnt come out. s* got impatient with me and grabbed my hands which got me out, and then i took a picture. i groaned (i hate getting my picture taken) jason looked at me and laughed "i dont like getting pictures of me taken either." i laughed also.

for the rest of the day, we just sat in one of the shops doing nothing. (no, actually we all just talked the whole time)soon sarah and her bf had to go, so it was just me and jason. we talked about what kind of bands we liked, and it turned out, we liked exactly the same bands. imagin that. we tslked about our other interests, and things that bothered us. we were...exactly a like. after a while, i told him that i had to go shower, because it was hot out and it was shower hour. i told him id meet him at dinner and he said ok. we then went back to our bunks to shower.

at dinner, everyone was seated according to team. (two teams per shift) we were all eating and stuff...enjoying the meal. a little while later, sarah told me to go to the bathroom, and that she had to ask jason, so i went to the bathroom confused. a few minuted later, s* came in with a big grin on her face. she asked me "do you like jason?" "what?" "do you like jason." "umm...i dunno..." "cause he likes you." i stared at her. "oh, you dont like him? ok..." "no! no!...i-i do. i like him." i blushed. s* smiled at me, and started to giggle. she then took me outside of the bathroom. i saw jason look at me, and then turn away. i blushed. at the end of dinner, s* took me outside and told me that she was going to tell him. i told her to meet me at the barn (thats where our team had to go after dinner. to practice our song.) i walked there with sarahs bf. he told me that jason told him that he liked me when he got to the bunk.

soon s* and jason returned to the barn. they sat down beside us. s* told jason to sit next to me, so he did. i got really nervous. sarah kept on wispering something to jason, and i kept on looking back. jason wasnt doing anything, he looked kinda nervous and unsure what to do. s* grew impatient. she moved in front of us, and took his hand and my hand and put them together. jason let go, and took s* hands off us. then he took my hand and blushed. i smiled and blushed two. s* and her bf giggled. after the practice was over, we headed over down to services, (we go every friday and saturday. they bore me T_T) with jasons hand still holding onto my hand. i was smiling like crazy. s* and her bf stared at me and said "wow! ive never seen you smile so much!! holy crap!!" i blushed, but i couldnt stop smiling. he was also smiling a lot two. sarahs bf was like "wow...jason two! even HEs smiling..." then he made a face like O.O . it was funny. jason and me talked about a lot of different stuff. we talked quietly durring services too, still holding hands. after services were over, i gave him a big hug. he tried to kiss me, but i hugged him before he could when i was done, he leaned over and kissed my cheak. i kissed his cheak after he did. then we hugged again and he said "see you tomorrow." with a big smile and then he left with his division. in my bunk, s* kept on asking for all the details. i told her some stuff but not all of it, cause she was annoying me. the next day we all met in the barn again. me and jason talked a lot, and then he put his arm around me, so i leaned on his shoulder. we talked a little bit more. he said really sweet things to me (he did a while before but...heh) and then he leaned over and kissed me on the lips. (no tonge)i felt a tingling sensation all over my body, and a lot in my stumac) i blushed then i looked into his eyes and he said "i love you." i said "i love you two" without thinking...but i have never felt the way i did before with him. it felt good. i was really happy with him. i think i was beggining to love him.
me and jason walked around camp, hand in hand. he was showing me off to all his friends. we kissed eachother a lot on the cheek and sometimes on the neck (depended how we were sitting or standing.) later that night, we had the results for the winner of rock wars, and it wasnt our team, we were in second =P . after that, we had a slide show presentation in the dark. (it was night by the way...)
jason kissed me in the middle of the slide show. (this time, for real. it wasnt the cheek) it was my first real kiss, and i was glad it was with him. of corse, after the slide show was over, s* kept on pestering me on what happened to us durring the slide show. i didnt tell her =P .

the next day, i spent a lot of time with jason in the barn. a lone. we kissed a lot a talked a litte bit. he kept on telling me how beautiful i was, and how much he loved me. he was so romantic.

that night, we had a banquet. i was late to it, because i had to clean the bunk with a lot of other girls. when i got to the dance, jason looked worried, but when i ran up to him he smiled. he told me that he was worried that i might have gone to the movie instead. but he was glad i was there with him. we sat down on the side, with his arm around my shoulder. he held me close, and said more sweet things to me. i kissed him on the cheek, and he did it back. there was another slide show of the week, and we kissed durring that. he had to go, and he looked really sad.

the next day was the day we all got to go home. but i really didnt want to go home. i wanted to stay with jason. he gave me his number (cell), and i gave him mine. he lived in florida, but he was moving to NJ. i live in ny. he said that he was going to call me a lot, and that we were going to see eachother later that week. i was really happy about that and i was looking foward to it.

when i got home, all i could think about was jason. jason, jason, jason. he called me a lot. on friday, i saw him in the city. we went to a museum with my mom, but she left us alone for a while. we talked a bit. he told me how much he loved me, and then he told me a poem he wrote about me. it was really cute. when we were on the stairs, and no one was around, he kissed me. i was startled, because it was unexpected, but it was nice. we kissed for a long time, until we heard people coming. we later met up with my mom at the cafe, where we shared a plate of fries. i offered to carry the tray with the drinks, but he refused and said that he would. i said no, so i took the tray. then he took the tray from me. we laughed, and i said "fine. ill carry the drinks" he said "no. ill carry everything." but i ran away with the drinks and my mom paid for the stuff. i grinned at him. we sat down at a table and ate. i saw a lady look at me and jason and smile.

the next day, jason called me, crying hysterically, and told me that he was moving back to florida. i was totally shocked. i started to cry too. my mom came in ad asked me why i was crying and i told her. she told me that i could see him durring christmas/new years break and i was happy that i would get a chance to see him. when i told him, he was happier, but he told me he was going to miss me...and thats exactly how i felt. (did u know that we have everything in common?)

when he got to florida, he called me. on the other end, i could hear his parents tell him that he couldnt call me because of the long distance money they would have to pay. so i told him that i would call him. i asked my parents, and they didnt mind. they still dont. i call him everyday.

one day, when i was talking to s* on aim, she told me that i should stop calling him, and that i should wait for him to call me. i told her why i call him all the time, but she still told me to wait. i waited two days. on the third day, while we were talking about it, the phone rang. it was jason. he sounded reslly worried. he asked me if i was ok, because he was worried about me. he thought i might have been in the hospital because of my dad. (he hits me) i told him an exuse that i was at my friends house till 10 on those days. (i cant call after 9:30) i also told him that s* was pissing me off about him. she was telling me that he lies, and that he could be cheating on me, and that i should brake up with him. but heres the thing...she set us up!! and besides...i loved jason. (did you know he rejected 4 girls for me? yeah. ^^ hehehe) i know jason would never lie to me. i can just tell. sometimes, you can just tell when someone is lieing, and sometimes you can tell when someone is. thats how it was. if he was cheating on me, his sister would tell me. she tells me everything, and would tell me if he was going out with some other girl

when i talk to jason on the phone, i feel all my worries go away. i feel so happy just to hear his voice. he always says "i love you" to me, and how much he does. he plays me songs on his guitar for me...and also love songs from some of his cds...i love him sooo much. i cant wait to see him ^^. i love you jason!!!


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