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He had ordered 25 bouquets of Roses, each signifying one year of their blessed marriage.

Do Not Open Till Christmas (Fireplace)
Based on a true story

The first time John met Nancy it was like magic. It felt as if his heart dropped down to his knees (to keep his mouth company I guess). As the song goes, he could see his unborn children in her eyes, and John was in love.

John had never felt like this before. He had met a lot of nice ladies in his 35 years of life and had made friends with a lot of them, but he had never pursued a romantic relationship with any of them. No, John always knew that the ďright oneĒ would hit him like a brick; and now he was hit harder than he had ever imagined. Nancy was a beautiful woman in her early Thirties, with a beautiful smile that showed off her pearly white teeth, and eyes so filled with the fire of life that they would brighten every room she walked into. John approached her, introduced himself, and asked if he could join her and talk for a moment. Moments turned to hours, hours turned to days, and days turned to months; and with every passing moment, Johnís love grew stronger.

Six months later John was ready to pop the ďBig Question,Ē so he took Nancy to the most romantic restaurant in town. A table overlooking a beautiful lake was reserved for them, beautiful roses decorated the table, and a Violin player was ready to play his heart out at Johnís bidding. After dinner, with the Violin playing in the background, John knelt before Nancy, took out a little box from his pocket and opened it in front of her....

"Nancy, From the moment I saw you I knew you were the one I could love for all eternity. I love you more than words could ever tell, and I want you beside me for the rest of my life.... will you marry me?"

Nancy looked sadly into Johnís eyes. Having been badly hurt by her previous marriage, she was not as ready as John was to make such a commitment. She said: "John, you know I love you; but I need more time to heal from my past. I need more time to know who I am before I can decide who I want to be. I just need more time." John was crushed. He took Nancy home vowing never to fall in love again.

Two days later a package arrived at his door, wrapped in a beautiful Christmas wrap, with a note: "Do not open till Christmas...and open only with the one you love." The package was from Nancy. John did not know how to feel! What was in that mysterious package? What did she mean by "open only with someone you love?" Was she playing with his emotions, or was she trying to tell him something? He shook the light package, but it made no sound! What could this be? He had to wait another long Five months before he could find out.

John and Nancy remained good friends and saw each other almost daily, but not once did they talk about that fateful night. Christmas finally arrived and John invited Nancy to come to his house for Christmas eve dinner. After an early dinner John took the box from under the Christmas tree, and like an impatient little child, he began to tear into it. Inside the box was a little note: "My dearest John, from the moment I saw you I knew that I could love you; but I didnít know exactly how much. Thank you for allowing me the time to find out for myself. If you see me sitting next to you when you read this note, then I hope you will pop your question once again...if you donít, I will :)"

Twenty Five years had passed. Twenty Five years of joys and sorrows, of hopes and disappointments, of betters and worst. Four kids, Five grand kids, Three Dogs, Five Cats, and Two houses later, and they were still as madly in love with each other as the day they said "I do." This was Johnís moment to tell the love of his life how much he adored her. This was his day to celebrate with his love. Their kids gave up on their plans to throw a party on their parentís anniversary. John made it clear to them that he wanted to have that night alone with his wife, and they knew there was no arguing with Dad once he had made up his mind. They reluctantly agreed to delay their plans for one day.

John had it all planned. He had called their favorite restaurant and ordered the same meals that they had ordered the night he proposed to her. He had ordered 25 bouquets of Roses, each signifying one year of their blessed marriage. He even arranged for Nancyís sister to take her out to get her hair done while he had the house cleaned by professional cleaners. The house was immac≠ulate and spotless, and everything was ready.

When Nancy returned from shopping, she found the driveway filled with bouquets of roses, leading a path towards the door. On the door there was a note: "Leave your inhibitions behind and enter for a night of passion and romance." Ok, so his poetry was a little corny, so what? Nancy knew her husband, and she knew that she was in for a treat.

After a romantic dinner by the candle light, they retired to the living room. The air was chilled by the first snow of the year, and John was ready to start a warm fire in the fire place; but the logs were wet and would not burn. All the work he had done to make this a perfect romantic evening were now destroyed by the damned wet fire logs. John was frustrated.

"Everything has to be perfect with you, doesnít it?" said Nancy in a playful voice. "Here, let me fix that!" Nancy took a lit candle and placed it in the middle of the cold and dark fire place. "There...thatís better, now we have fire!"

John opened an aged bottle of Cognac and poured her and himself a drink. He sat beside Nancy and looked into her eyes. The reflection of the candle light in her eyes reminded him of the fire of life that made him fall so madly in love with her. Her face was still as beautiful as the day he met her. The lines of age on her face and the shining silvery lines in her hair, each reminded him of a Thousand stories that they had shared in their 25 years together. He just adored that face....

"Penny for your thoughts" said Nancy.

"I was just thinking...26 years ago, when I asked you to marry me, I knew so little about you. Now, knowing all that I know, I think marrying you was the best thing that I ever did...I love you."

Tears rolled down Nancyís eyes. She looked at his silvery white hair, his gentle eyes that could melt even the heart of a child, and his loving arms that had always embraced her whenever she needed a friend. She remembered his compassionate love that was always willing to give without ever expecting anything in return, and she thought of how lonely her life would have been without him.

You know, when I asked you to wait for me when you proposed to me, I thought I would never see you again. I am so glad that you waited. I canít even imagine a life without you."

They had a sip of their drinks and then they kissed and embraced. Soon they forgot all about the bitter cold that had chilled the air around them...they felt quite warm in each otherís arms.

And the cold and dreary fireplace was also happy that they were there; for it too was being warmed by the fire of their love.


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