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17 year old girl/47 year old man

I have pretty much exactly the same story as the story that caused me to come to this site. I am 17 years old and I've always been that little bit more mature than people my own age so the majority of my friends have always been older than me but I had never looked at anyone significantly older in a romantic sense before I met my B*. 3 months ago I moved into a new flat, a boarding situation with a 47 year old man, we clicked instantly and were best friends within a week. It seems strange in words but in reality there's nothing wrong about it. Brian and I kept it at best friends for as long as we could, but something happening was inevitable... one day I just decided that I should stop running from what I'd been looking for for so long, love, just because it's not the norm. The two of us are absolutely smitten and we have a happy and healthy relationship... we're complete equals in spite of the age difference. We left it a month before we told people... just in case... and were worried about how different people would react but everyone that's important has taken it very well and is very supportive. A few people question motives, reasons, and disapprove... but those who have seen us together change their mind pretty swiftly. I've been with all sorts, I've been around the block far too many times for someone my age and I've been hurt so much along the way so I know what I'm feeling, I know about relationships, I am far from a naeive girl. My relationships have never been long-lasters, since I broke up with my partner of three years when I was 15... I'm far too picky when it comes to who I settle with but after meeting B*, and what has happened thus far between us I've learned that you love who you love regardless of age, race, religion, gender... and when it's true love, it basically conquers anything that gets in its way... including your own mind-set.


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