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he has told me that im the one for him, and that he loves me but sometimes love just aint enough

it was the best three weeks of my life, relationship wise. i know three weeks really doesnt seem long, but everyday, night, second, minute and hour, we were together. i had never been swept off my feet and i had had previous relationships before i met him. he was something else, he was really the man i knew i wanted to be with. DAMN, DID THAT ALL FALL TO PIECES. i realised how fast we were moving, and after our first argument, he went back to his ex and their daughter. i got back with him a week later, and left him again, and he went back to his ex again. for the third and last time we got back together, wat then followed was a whole lot of mixed emotions, lies, cheating, not knowing his whereabouts, or who he was hanging around with, my jealousy and suspicions took over one day, and i cheated on him with my ex. i told him about this, and he dissappeared for the weekend. probably with his ex, i believe. and theres been times ive found things in the house, that werent ever there before. shoes hidden in drawers, women shoes, obviously not mine, and im sure was the exes. of course he denies that he knows anything about it. the ex is really messed up that we're together and she takes off to a different state with their daughter and i know he wanted to go after them, and he probably wouldve if i acted like i didnt care. its been almost ten months now, and through all the bullshit, and problems, and drama, im now four months pregnant to him. but only my side of the family know, i think hes protecting his ex from knowing. deep down i think he wants to be with her, but for reasons i couldnt be bothered to explain, they arent to be together. so is he with me cos he loves me or is he with me cos i refuse to let him go or he cant be with his ex for reasons not worth mentioning. all i want to say to women who have never dated a guy with kids and an ex before is, IT really isnt as easy as it looks, and before u commit to him, ask ureself if u will be able to accept the other woman and their children. i really thought i couldve and that it wouldnt bother me, but damn, was i wrong. he has told me that im the one for him, and that he loves me but sometimes love just aint enough. if i left him tomorrow with our unborn child, i really do think he would consider going back to his ex girlfriend and it kills me but thats reality. why im holding on? i really couldnt tell u .....


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