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It was probably the best kiss i ever had in my entire life.

Me and my boyfriend go to different colleges. It is really hard not to be with him. He's all i think about. and ofcourse i think of the possibility that he woud cheat on me. so i couldnt take it and i just broke it off. i couldnt keep wondering and being jealous everytime he went out with frinds and he felt the same. The next few days went on so slow, it seemed a part of my day was gone, a part that made my day what it was. so about a week after we broke up, i was coming back to my dorm room, went upstairs and then heard something outside i went to look off my balcony.... there was my "ex" boyfriend, with his guitar and a few other guys. a sign in the back read "i love you, i want you back" And he started singing my favorite song "Yellow" by coldplay. it was the sweetest thing anyone ever did for me. when the sing was done i raced downstairs and ran into his arms and kissed. It was probably the best kiss i ever had in my entire life. I couldnt live without him...


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