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It all started in the 6th grade....

It all started in the 6th grade....there i was crushing on a guy from my church. i was always the shy girl but and i had known him for awhile but never really talked to him. i broke out of my shy phase and stared becoming the little flirt every girl becomes..there i was starting at the boy in my class. he was so cute. the way he always had something funny to say to make me laugh. i couldnt even stop smiling when i knew he was there. i tried to hide my glances at him that whole year..i didnt want him to know i liked him. we always would flirt and everyone said we liked each other but i didnt know what to think or if he did. then i find out he has a g/f and it broke my heart. i thought i just need to get over something i cant have. even with him having a g/f tho we still into my 7th grade year things got more was our first year of confirmation and i still has a huge crush on him..i couldnt help it. he was just soo cute. one day in confirmation class the lights went out..pwer was going bad in the church. we rush around to get our stuff in the dark room and he comes up behind me and holds me..i didnt want him to let go. the door opens as light flickers in the room. he lets go and we walk out of the room..later that year we went on a church retreat of the craziest nights of my was time to go to bed and the chaperones left into there rooms. the boys downstairs were being noisy as always. me and 2 of my friends walk down there trying to get there to quiet down. i couldnt keep my eyes of him tho..and i knew he couldnt keep him eyes of me either..standing up stairs he waves at me innocently and my heart melts as i see his blue eyes filled with such passion. me and my friends go downstairs and hang out witht he boys for and him sat together holding hands...brushing our fingers lightly above each others palms. i didnt want the moment to end. here i was the moment i had been waiting for ever since the day i layed eyes on him. next thing i know we were kssing and he was holding me in his ended as soon as the chaperone heard noises and the girls had to go back upstairs...of course the chaperones found out what had happened and we were all in trouble...after that things seemed awkward between us but not too awkward..later me and him talked about what happened and he said that he wished he could be alone with me once again. i wished it too into my 8th grade year here i am still crushing on the same guy. he has a g/f and i had a b.f but we just broke up. i still want to be with him and would do nething for another night in his arms. does he feel the same way? guess i mite never know. he is so difficult sometimes he says he wishes he could cuddle with me and the next time he barely recognizes my presence. does he wants me like i want him? does he miss my like i miss hima nd want so bad to talkt o me? when we arent together does every song or every word remind him of it reminds me of him? i hope it does but day after day i lose sight of how he mite feel..and i feel like im filling myself with false hope that maybe hes missing me like im missing him...


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