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I think what really matters is that there is love inside in our hearts right?

i met my only love when i was 11 he waS 18 know i am 13 he is 20 we both love each other i know he dies for me and i know i will kill my self 4 him but if it wasent for the law i think i would even marrry him we love each other and no matter what we would always be toghueter we make out u know kiss and we say i love u all the time i think he is the best cause i never thought someone would love me like he does know he has demostrate me that he really loves me he is tottally the guy of my dreams and anygirl that have happen like this would anderstan me i hope u guys read it and undersatnd me who ever pass by almost the same think but i think what really matters is that their is love inside in our herats right?


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