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We started 9th grade and when I look him in the eyes I feel like everything in the world is right

I have been friends with this guy forever. and it wasn't until this summer that i even thought of him as more than a friend. I went to camp with him for a week. and he paid me so much attention. Then two days later it was my birthday and it was also a youth church get together. And a bunch of people were there and he supprised me wiht a cake. Then he gave me the largest hug in the whole wide world. And it made me feel like it was the best birthday present ever. Now we started 9th grade and whenever i look him in the eyes i feel like everything in the world is right. The bad thing is that he doesn't know that i like him. Also i feel like i dont deserve him. He is the sweetest guy ever. I have never seen him be mean to anyone. But his family is rich, he is a straight A student and his friends don't like me. My family is so broke, i get C's and B's, and my friends don't even know i like him. I only see him at church on wednesdays and sundays and those two days are the best moments of my life. but at skool we go back to the real world of cliques and pretending like we don't know eachother. To put it in a simple term. Our friendship is like romeo and juliet except our families get along and our friends dont like eachother and we dont die. lol. I have to forever in my secret love for him and he will never know unless he makes a move our love will not grow. i would rather have a friend through thick and thin forever than a boyfriend that i won't probally be together with forever.


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