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he's made me emotionally stronger w/ my feelings and relationships

One summer week, my youth group went on a mission's trip. We fixed roofs, painted, etc. and worked w/ kids from around the state to fix up these people's houses. I met these 2 guys when one of them threw an old shingle at me and almost hit me. I stopped and he laughed and I even laughed. My 2 friends and I got to know these 2 guys really well. By the end of the week , all 5 of us seemed to be the best friends. We acted like we'd known each other forever. The guy who had earlier thrown the shingle at me, hung out w/ me the entire week. We worked on the job together and shared jokes. We played raquetball together, pool together, and talked during the nights of our trip. He even found playdough and grass and chased me all around the mission site throwing them at me. During the day, all us workers were in jeans, t-shirts and the girls wore no make-up and pulled their hair back(all b/c it was hot and rough work). But the first night I hung out w/ this guy, I (of course) cleaned up(wore my hair down- curly-and makeup). To my surprise, he noticed, and was like"Wow, you look really different!"and explained saying"I mean you look nice". That was the first time any guy had ever given me a complement on my physical appearance. Anyway, the rest of the week passed, and all 5 of us continued to hang out and work on the site together. We exchanged phone numbers and email addresses and swore to get together again. We left and this guy and I hugged. I felt like my heart was breaking. I've been talking to his friend by phone and email ever since, and we've tried to get us all back together to hang out. It hasn't happened yet. This guy I met was the nicest, funniest, most trustworhty, hardworking, and of course cutest guy I've known. I know this quote that says something like-if you love someone, let them go. If it's meant to be, then they'll come back to you- I've been wiating a year and a half now, but you know what, I really think he's made me a stronger person. I don't feel obligated to like him, but he's made me emotionally stronger w/ my feelings and relationships towards my family and friends in my life. I guess this is an "almost" love story(ha!).


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