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Then she calls me up and says she has no money and can't go.

I am 24 years old and me and my 22 year old girlfriend broke up 3 months ago. We lived together for 5 months. I still love her a lot. I told my ex that I have a new girl now but I really dont. I just wanted to make her jealous because I know jealousy is very powerful. I now live in a different state than my ex. Me and her were talking pretty consistantly and I asked her if I could take her to Atlantic City since I had a court date in that area anyway. She said yes and I made all the arrnagements. Then she calls me up and says she has no money and cant go. She asked if I could pay for everything. After thinking it over I said okay. Then like a week later I kept thinking that was a bad idea and my pride got in the way and I asked her if she could bring like a hundred dollars after promising her to pay for it all previously. She got really upset and said she doesnt want to go and she doesnt want to talk to me either. Shes still mad because I do owe her money from when we lived together. I want to make it up to her so bad and take her to Atlantic City to show her I ve changed and that I still want to be with her. I dont know what to do.


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