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love can get you through anything when u are down and feeling lonely

My boyfriend and i have been together for four years. we we together all through high school and now college. i am in my freshman year and he is in his sophmore year, although he is at college 5 hours away from me. The distance is so painful and hard. our love has been so strong that we are able to stay together through this. we see each other about once a month if we are lucky and our schedules allow it. we talk on the phone and online everyday but we are both very busy with school and such that it is difficult. we have never broken up or talked about it throughout these past 2 years that he has been away. its extremely hard dealing with him going out and partying on the weekends. i go out with my friends too but they all have boyfriends so it hurts so bad when i have nothing to do because all of my friends are going out with their boyfriends and mine isnt here. when i do see him its like we never skipped a beat though, we picked up right were we left off and its like we were never apart. we have such an amazing relationship and we have all plans on getting married when he graduates college. so for all of you out there in a situation similar to this...there is hope. love can get you through anything! when u are down and feeling lonely just remember that they are only away from you to get an education to make ur future together better!!


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