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don't give up on love because you never know when it'll come

Hearts are often left broken by words left unspoken.

Well... this is more like a love that is yet to come. I met this girl at a festival about a year ago. I wasn't at all attracted to her. But, i gave her my phone number and she gave me hers. We didn't talk that much, but i found out that she had a HUGE crush on me. I didn't want to break the bad news to her that i didn't feel the same way, so I hooked her up with my best friend. They dated for about 4 months .. but it turned out that she had feelings for me the whole time. Then, one day... something struck me. I was actually starting to have feelings for her. I don't know why.. maybe it's because we've just gotten SO close. I had the chance to tell her how i felt before school started, but i never took it. So now she hooked up with this other guy. I knew she still had feelings for me, but she just never told me cuz she thought i wud never feel the same way about her. One day in october ... i had the guts to tell her. i told her that i loved her ... and she asked me "are you saying that you like me?" and i sed .. yea .. so .. things changed ... she told me that she still had feelings for me... but they wudnt come out cuz she has already fallen deepy in love with her boyfriend. I regret not telling her cuz whenever i see her and her bf together... i get hurt .. i hate this feeling... then one day she broke up wid her bf cuz he found out that i went to her house .. and we did some STUFF ... so they broke up. .. she was really sad and wanted him back .. but she also wanned to b with me ... so she was left with me or him ... unfortunately ... she went with him ... and now i feel like an idiot for not telling her how i felt ... hopefully she'll feel the same way about me as i am feeling now .. all i have to do is wait ... and for you people reading this. .. dont give up on love because you never know when itll come .. and when it DOES come .. u better take that opportunity because u may never EVER get that chance in the future ..


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