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it's only been two weeks that I've known him

I met this guy threw a friend, hes 20 and im 15 we met online and started talking. At the time, I had a serious thing for the guy that introduced us, but soon that would all fade away. I had alot going on at the time, I was dealing with serious depression and things like that but this guy changed that all. There was something about it from the moment that we met that I knew I would want to be with him forever. I have never met him in person, But we talk every single night when I get home from school on the phone and then around nine or ten at night we hang up and talk online. Last night, he was on the phone with me while he was out with his friends, and we got disconnected (he lost serivce) so I went online for a while. I was just about to go to bed when I seen that he had signed on it was about two in the morning. He goes "Baby, Im so sorry I didnt call you back but it wasnt until around midnight that I did get out of there and got my service back, I didnt want to wake you up although I missed the sound of your voice so badly, I know your probably sleeping right now, so ill leavet his for when you wake up I miss you and cant wait until I can talk to you again tomorrow, Call me tomorrow sometime, please have a nice night my angel" its things like that, that he says that makes me want to live,makes me want to be happy. Most people tell me that It couldnt be love it cant be true, but none of them would know if it happened to them what they would do. I honestly love this guy, and the age difference isnt what is keeping us apart, its the fact that he lives in nj and I live in pa. I know he loves me, there is no doubt about it and in time we will meet, since its only been two weeks that I know him, and already we tried to twice, but both times, I couldnt make it.


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