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Then one day god decided to take him away from me...

i dont know why love does this to you....
why did it befriends you and leaves you to suffer?
i still remember the way we met...
just walking past him told me there was something about him and when he approached me with his sexy smile well that realy did make my knees go weak. his smile was to die for.
as i got to know him better i fell in love more and more day by day, i hated my self coz i lost all control over my body, soul and mind. i didnt think like i used to any more but how a lover thinks the man could have got anything from me, but i love and respect him so much coz not once did he try to take advantage of it.
and then one day god decided to take him away from me...
i didnt even get a chance to say im sorry to him,and i never will now.
my love story was perfect.
he left me. i know he isnt coming back now but maybe in the next life he'll be mine.
i will always love him like no-one else, the sad thing is he didnt leave me anything to show our love to the world...
i'll never stop loving him.


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