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Now i`m going out with someone that treats me better, he is the bestest thing that happen to me

it started 3 years when i was in 4th grade. me & him have been together for 7 months. he was 4years older then me we have many on & off but we`re always back together. i love him alot & i know he love me alot too. it's just sometimes when he talks to girls i feel completely jealous, but i know he won`t dump me for them. there were manys times he would dump me & then get back with me. i felt like he doesn`t love me as much as he did no more. i didn`t really know what was going on between us, but i thought as long as i have him, everything would be okay, but i thought wrong. we went to different skool & i have no idea what happen or what he does at skool but i did have alot of trust in him. then later i met his friend who goes to the same skool with him, she told me what he does at school. then about 2 months later she found out that he was cheating on me with another girl, but she kept it away from & she never told me until one day she felt guilty about it & told me, but then after i found out i started cutting myself, then my street mommie help me get over him, she told me it wasn`t worth doing that to a guy who was an asshole. she told me that i should just dump him, i couldn`t do this to him because i don`t know why i still love him, but soon he dump me & told me he doesn`t want me back at first i wanted to sucide but later my st. mommie told me i still have a long way to go & to find more loves out there, she told me i should just move on, i started to get over him, then later that day my st. mommie die she was only 15. i was really sad, but about 4 weeks after she die, my ex came to me & told me he wanted me back, i told him i don`t want to be with him no more, he begged me, but no matter how it hurts me, i told him i don`t want to be with him no more & i think he should find a girl his age, later he went out with my st. sister kathy & they were actually happy together. now i`m going out with someone that treat me way better then him, he is the bestest thing that happen to me & i`m happy i`m still with him til this very day, i just want to let him no i love him alot & i never want to lose him.


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