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It was in October of my grade 12 year that we broke up

It was March break of my grade 11 year when I met him. I didn't think anything would happen, we were friends before and I always had a little crush on him. Before t* I never really had a boyfriend. I didn't expect this new boy to make it through going out with me. He ended up being my everything. He helped me through every single hard time in my life, without him I would never have made it through. However as more time went by we bagan to fall apart, in a sense what we had before was vanishing. I would pick fights with him over the smallest things, lie to him and most of all I would never give him back the love he gave to me. It was in October of my grade 12 year that we broke up. It was then I realized how much I really did love him and how I would do anything to get him back. He was my frist real Love and the ONLY one I could see myself with. I cried all the time but it just seemed as though Tim was moving on, he seemed happy and I was a mess. I wanted to give up on him. For some reason though I kept trying. Everyone thought I was crazy and told me to move on and find someone new however there was just something telling me that he was the one. ( I know sounds corny ) In september of my grade 11 year I lost a very special necklace my grandfather had given me be4 he died. My friends and I searched EVERYWHERE FOR It with no luck. I wore it all through when t* and myself were going out. So there I was missing the necklace that was everything to me along with the boy who I almost missed ever more. One night I found myself thinking about the necklace and how much I missed t*. I asked for a sign to let me know that everything would be ok and t* and I would find a way back to eachother. The next night after talking to t*, I opened up my book bag to find the necklace on top of my books!!!!!!!! My friends could not believe it !. I took that as a sign that t* and I were supposed to be. A few weeks later Tim and I ended up getting back together! I am still with him now. Dont give up hope when you want that one person back in your life !


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