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Everytime that I am around him I feel like I have butterflies in my stomach

Two summers ago i was going out with this cute boy that i liked alot and he liked me alot to. Well anyways before we went out we where friends and seen eachother everyday he lived in my neighborhood. we went out off and on for a long time. when we broke up for the final time forever i wasnt sad because we where going to still be friends. but now that i see him all the time i miss being with him miss haveing a realtionship with him. I told my best friend that i felt this way she told me to tell him how i felt and see what he has to say. but it seems like i just cannot tell him. everytime that i am around him i feel like i have butterflys in my stomach. when i get into a realtionship with someone it doesnt last long because i think about my ex too much it just doesnt seem right ever. to be with anyone else besides him. This year for halloween i went trick or treating with him and his best friend we wher going out me and his friend. i broke up with him that night because i felt like i was being to mean to him. I still had feelings for him. i just am confused now that i have no idea what to do about this situation.


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