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There was the prettiest girl on my lap

I was the new kid in school. I wasn't sure what I would do I felt dumb because everyone was talking to old friends and well at this new school I didn't have any. At lunch I sat by myself and felt like a total loser. Then this girl came up to me. She started talking to me and asking me where I was from and things like that. After awhile lunch was over and I had to go to my next class. She look at my schedule and found out we had the same class next period. She escorted me and helped me meet new people. There I was with what I later found out the prettiest girl in school and our school has like ratings and she was a 10 but the thing was that she never went out with anyone. So anyways all of a sudden I made this really funny joke and she started laughing so hard and she feel onto my lap and was like HAHAHAHAHAHHA! I had everyone in the class laughing and there was the prettiest girl on my lap. It was akward but things got better. The next day when I got in I found out she had gotten lots of people to talk to me. I made lots of friends and over about a month we got to be great friends. Then I found out the only reason she ever talked to me was because of a dare. She was dared to talk to the new guy and pretend like she liked me. I still had a lot of true friends but I was really sad. A couple weeks pasted with me ignoring her then one day in the hall she came up to me. I said, "Look I'm sorry for not talking to you but what you did was really hurtful. Please after this just leave me alone." She looked me in the eyes and said these exact words, "I did that dare only because I wanted to. Not just because it was a dare but I wanted to meet you. There was something about you. By the way getting people to talk to you wasn't my doing, they saw that you were funny because I was talking to you. I don't want to sound cocky but guys like me and think I'm hot. So they noticed you too. For the longest time I have wanted to tell you this and since you will not talk to me anyway I might as well tell you. You are the first guy I have really felt this strongly about." I said, "What do you mean? I have to go to class." I was walking away then she grabbed my arm. I dropped my books because it was so hard the grasp. She grabbed me pulled me close and kissed me. It moved on into making out. I had never told her that I felt the same either. We were there for like ten minutes. It was perfect. We didn't even get caught. After the longest and perfect kiss was over she looked at me in the eyes and said, "I know I'm a girl but, will you go out with me and be my boyfriend." I said yes and things went on from there. We have been going out for one year and seven months.


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