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102 reasons I love you

I wrote this poem for my guy one day. It was call 102 reasons I love you. And how I begun writing it was so funny. I told him I had over a 100 reasons why I love him and he didn't believe me. One day I was just sitting around and I dazed off thinking about him, of course, and I
started writing down why I love him the way that I do. Well, he was speechless when he recieved my little poem of all the reasons I love him. And one day we were sitting on the couch and I read each reason to him while I lay my head on his chest. And afterwards we both smiled at each other. And he said he loved the way I read it to him. Well, recently He sent me a poem that had 103 reasons why he loves me. This means a lot to me, because he's not much of a writer and so it shows he put his heart and mind into it. and it was so funny, because at the end of the reasons he had wrote . . . I love you because you had 102 reasons why you love me, well, this is 103 reasons I love you. So I'm sharing my poem with everyone about why I love my man the way I do. :)


I love the way I make you feel
I love the way I make you laugh
I love that you're so unreal
I love that you're my better half

I love your charming personality
I love your demanding attitude
I love your thug mentality
I love your constant gratitude

I love the feelings you give me
I love the way you understand
I love how we're meant to be
I love how our relationship expands

I love your constant maturity
I love that you're so funny
I love the feeling of security
And how my days are extra sunny

I love your sexual drive
And that you're silly as hell
I love how I'm revived
And under your spell

I love how I feel
How you bring emotions out
Secrets to you I reveal
I love you to think about

I love your thoughtful ways
I love that you're annoying
I love to God you pray
I love it's me you're enjoying

I love your gangsta terms
I love your intelligent side
I love how our love is confirmed
And how you carry it with pride

I love your confidence
And how I act silly
All our experiences
A love as amazing as a lily

I love how we talk
And the feelings we share
And at times I gawk
Cuz of this strong love in the air

I love when you make me blush
I love when you sexually arose me
I love this powerful rush
I love feeling this free

I love when you call me bay
I love that you respect me
I love that you're my bay
And also my sweet pea

I love those three little words
Every time you say 'Please believe me'
I love acting like love birds
And being free like the sea

I love all your goals
I love how you love your child
I love the depth of your soul
And how you drive me wild

I love your silly questions
I love your serious answers
And all your tiny suggestions
And how you're an advancer

I love reading your mind
I love understanding your thoughts
I love how you're kind
But also get distraught

I love our connection
I love that you're not perfect
I love your affection
And how you think you're always correct

I love when you ask about my day
I love when you tell me about yours
I love that you won't go away
Cuz it shows you're on your biz

I love making you feel good inside
And making a difference in your world
I love that in me you confide
And I'm much more than your girl

I love the difference in my life
I love your little old fashioned ways
And it's me you choose to be your wife
Confirmed it's me and you for always

I love your attachment to me
I love when your voice gets low
I love that my spirit is so free
And when you make my heart glow

I love that it's you I love
I love when we laugh together
I love that our love is based on above
Meaning God wants us to last forever

I love hearing your voice
I love our debates
I'm glad you're my only choice
And what we have is fate

I love making plans
I love discussing our future
I love that you're my man
I love that our love is pure

I love your faults much more
Cuz it makes you the man that you are
I love you to the very bad core
Cuz we have a love that is rare

But what I really love most
God made no mistakes when creating you for me
So whenever I start to feel lost
I thank the Lord above for such a love


And when you feel like this everyday about someone . . . oh, it's a good feeling. So to all those people who are in love right now feeling like this . . . I WISH YOU THE BEST!!!!


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