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I gave him another chance he gave me another chance

well it all started last year when i was walking home from school. We both went to the same school and i always saw him staring at me but i never really wanted to notice. So one day i was walking home from school with my ex-best friend and he came up to me and was talking about how he got kicked out and about his exgirlfriend. He was sooo serious with his ex girlfriend to where his mother had to break them up. He was always on the phone with her and everything was about her. Now anyway he gave me his number but i kinda avoided him the for awhile. Than we started to hang out and i than started to like him a lot and he started to like me. Than we went into 2 months in our relationship which was nice until i found out he was gonna cheat on me with his ex girlfriends sister (yeah nasty) i know. His exgirlfriend was trashy and so was her sister and i was soo upset that i had to found this out . But he was gonna cheat but never did the 2nd week we started to go out. I found out 2 months later. So than ME being Me cheated on him right back with his best friend. His best friend was the one who told me he was about to cheat. So i cheated on him with his best friend and than he found out got mad and than we took eachother back. A couple times we lied to eachother after that again, but we never cheated on eachother yet and than we started to fall in love so quickly. So now weve been together for about 7 months going strong and we love eachother sooo much. we plan on lving together and having a baby together. We go to different schools so its hard with jealousy and insecurity but we try to work on that everyday. I love him so much and i am sooo happy i gave him another chance And that he gave me another chance. Hes my life!


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