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She just kissed me and I have to say it was the greatest feeling I had ever felt

it pretty much began freshman year. For a teenager im a very responsible, very mature person. I think like an adult. Well i have been having an on going relationship for 9 months until i met this girl through a friend. It was online so i just started out by saying like hi whats up what do you like. I was not looking for a new girlfriend. But after a few days, one time i came home and i told her how i just had skittles gum and i loved the green, jokingly i said to her if she ever got the gum and didnt like the green skittles, send me them. Well in the mail a few days later i recieved a package of skittles gum, ALL GREEN. Wow i was shocked excited, felt kind of awkward, in a good way. It was love. It had to be. Well i finally met her at a school concert. She was gorgeous, took my breath away. Well the night went great and at the end it was almost impossible to say goodnight. As i left in the car she kept yelling i love you and it was odd seeing i still had a girlfriend, but it felt so good to hear it. Over a matter of time i broke up with my girlfriend and began increasingly liking this girl. The skittles girl. Well one night we were all hanging out at a friends house and she had to go to the bathroom. The bathroom was in the basement and she went alone. After about 10 seconds i went into the basement and shut the lights off. When she came out she was scared, i popped out and yelled and she fell on the floor in fright. It was great. I then helped her up and headed for the door. As i grabbed the handle, it fell off! It was fate i swear, because next sealed what became the next 5 months of my life. She said im scared hug me, so i did, when i went to pull away she just kissed me and i have to say it was the greatest feeling i had ever felt. Well we finally exited the basement both happily smiling and yeah.. Great night. Well i asked her out and we are now known for our skittles love story. It has been a perfect 5 months and it can go on forever. She lives a city over from me, about 10 minutes away, i see her a few times a week and i love it. I can be a grumpy person sometimes but she still stays with me through it all. I am now a sophomore and she, a junior. I love being with her, going to her house. Her family is incredible, greatest people i ever met. Her friends are awesome too. I can go on and on about how much we care about eachother and how faithful we are to eachother. I just honestly love her. Everyone says im young, its your first love, you will see many. Well, i dont care about anyone else, i have eyes only for her, she has my heart. I hope we never have to part under any circumstances and in my heart i feel we wont. This isn't puppy love. We will have this bond forever, and that is what keeps me smiling when i go to sleep every night. Well its late, i better get going. I hope everyone who reads this, especially teenagers, know that love exists and all you have to do is see the signs and feel the way it feels to be near someone special. You will know when you feel it.


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