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If I ever were to love again I would never love anyone as the way I did him

I met a guy once in which I fell in love with. Out of fear we went our seperate ways. But when we broke up I wrote a letter saying if I ever were to love again I would not ever love anyone as the way I did him. Later I met a man that was wonderful and he swooped me up and carried me to paradise, literally. While away my heart began to feel empty and a gut feeling told me to call him, so I did. I thought he wouldve moved on, for it had been months, but he hadn't, he missed me like I him. I was afraid to leave my new love, but in all truth, like in the letter, I hadnt ever loved or felt more complete then the way I felt with him. I told him I was afraid we'd fail once more. But two days later I recieved a letter from him. Enclosed was the letter I wrote him when we broke up. Saying I shall feel for no one like I do for you and in the letter I wrote if I shall love again it will not be like I love you and if fate have it and given second chances I will take that opportunity. He underlined these words and said I want to work this out. So I now decide it is better to take a chance with someone that makes you complete then spend a lifetime with someone you couldn't ever completely love, like the man you could've had.


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