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He is 20 and I'm 13 I really love this guy

well this is where it began he is 20 and i m 13 i really love this guy he is my cousin but (in love no religion no age!!!) the thing is i cant tell him how much i love him and i think he feels the same way as me because he tried to read my diary coz i wrote justs tupid things in it like hi ya my name is **** and stuff like that and then he started laufin he was like write something special in it why havent you got it then i was like whatever it it its in my heart then he smiled and oh yea we dnt talk to each other we dont even say hi hardly well he used to tease me before asa cousin but i started likin him and now its been 2 years sometimes i feel like i should tell him how i feel but then i get scared what if he refuses me and i know this is love ecause i blush when i see him and i told his sister about it and my mates know it aswell my mates think he loves me too and the good thing is we will stay cousin 4eva no matter wot happens but i m sure he loves me too otherwise y would he try to read my diary for and y would he sing when we had eye contacts otherwise he would talk to me as a cousin as he does to my other cousins well i m really confused i dont know what to do and he went to holiday in holland and i went to my cousin go and say hi to his sista and that idiot went and said hi to him and then he said shut up on msn and we started arguing but when he came back and saw me he didnt say a word to me and i told him if u have to argue then why dont u just come on your msn that was because he blocked me and i knew one day he will unblock me and that happened that day came he still comes online but we dont talk to each other i hardly see him on saturdays or sundays i really miss him my best frined(cousin) she knows about it so wheneva she comes online i tell her to add him in the conversation he makes me laugh so much all i know that HE IS THE ONE 4 ME otherwise he would react the way i do but i dont know how to tell him


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