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It's the little things that kill you, in the end

Memories are just reconstructions which change every time you replay them, so that what you end up with is basically fiction. Fiction that has the power to break you, mainly because it can be triggered off by a tiny thing in everyday life. You can get rid of the man, but you can't get rid of the things that remind you of him.

That's what makes it so hard. Every tiny little thing reminds me of him. I can't watch Friends, my favourite tv show without remembering that it's his aswell, or thinking how he looks a bit like Joey, or how he compared the first time we kissed to the inevitability of Monica and Chandler. As it turned out we are more like Ross and Rachel...except I've yet to see if it will be a happy ending.

I hate how tea makes me remember how he joked I was his 'Tea Bitch'. I mean, TEA for christ's sakes! I don't get the man and I have to give up my change-the-world-for-10-minutes cuppa?! Just because the smell brings back a thousand feelings and then the memories just snowball.

It's the little things that kill you, in the end.


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