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I hope we stay together forever.

well one day i was chating in a chat room. i was looking for some friends to talk to.And this guy("adam") poped up, he was really sweet and kind,but i had a boyfriend at the time so i told him i had a boyfriend. so everyday we would talk about life and stuff.he was always really sweet to me.he always made me feel butifull in everway.he didnt like my boyfriend becouse he was a really big jerk.he treated me pritty badly and everyone wanted me to leave him. so one day i was talking to adam and he asked me to leave my boyfriend and come to him so i could see how a real man would take care of a girl. at the time i said no.i liked adam a lot but i thought it would be wrong to leave my boyfriend for anthor guy. but the next night i was talking to my boyfriend and we got in a fight and broke up.the next day i started going out with adam.i know it was fast but my feelings were to strong to ingnore. that was the best day of my life. there is no word to discribe the way i feel inside.the feeling i was feeling inside was so strong and he feels the say way. he always tells me im butifull and that im a sweet person.he makes me feel so safe and lucky to be with him.we want to be together forever. we want to grow up and move in together and have kids someday.the love we share is so .... i dont even really know how to explain it. i hope that every girl gets to feel this way becouse its the best feeling in that world.the way he says he loves me and the way he always wants to hold me and take care of me mkes me feel so loved.i would do anything for him i love him with everything in me.and i hope me and him stay together forever.


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