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He lives in Wales, England

Well i was chatting on the internet and i met this guy. We talked about history and had sooooooooooooo much in common. He was my ideal guy and everything. Hes 19 and i just turned 14 in novemeber. I live in California and he lives in Wales,England. We could talk about ANYTHING and we started 2 talk about romantic stuff. I love the uk and i want 2 live their, so i told him when im 18 i will hopefully move. Everything was fine with that. I kno i had feeling 4 him. I dont think it was so much love. I belive it was hope and truth more. I trust him and he trusts me. I kno he Loves me. The way he is i can totally tell. When i talk 2 him i simle and feel happy. I laugh alot and dont feel stressed out. When im not talking 2 him i keep busy but sometimes he always pops up in my mind. Im not sure if its love, maybe it is?


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