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Our love isn't's for REAL

well i am 21 yrs old and my bwoy is younger than i am. we are so in love with each other. *AFTER ALL.....AGE DOESN'T MATTER*. anyway, yeah.... we're so good together. some ppl tried breaking us up by starting rumors about him, but in the end, i found out the truth. he is the love of my life. and he loves me too. he tells me that all the time and SHOWS it as well. the love we have for each other *INCREDIBLE*. my family and friends both encourage us. and i am so grateful God blessed me with him. i am going away soon and i don't know how i will cope with all of the change i will be going through. A lot of ppl don't like us together. mostly because of the age difference. But you can't live for ppl. you gta live for urself! And do what makes u happy. That's what i always say. i mean, my peeps and friends don't have a prob with it. So, why do i care what other ppl think? whenever he would go buzz me @ my house, ppl would pass and stare. but whenever they do that-i just look @ them and say, "What the f**k!" lol. anyway, i just wanted ppl to know that age shouldn't be a problem for you. Love is love. Our love isn't's for REAL. I love you baby...Michael.


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