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Even tho it is painful just keep hoping!

I am 16 and the guy I like I'v liked since I was twelve. First it started out as puppylove and expanded into how I feal about him today. Since I can't date this is hard because I like him so much and I can't let him know how I feal until I am graduated from highschool. He can't tell me how he feals either. It is quite a complicated story. But everytime I see him in school is taugh because the fealing I get I just was to explode because I love him so much. But yea Love does hurt I am afraid that he won't like me and then my heart will become broken and I quess it wasn't whole to start with because he has my part of my heart even tho he doesn't know it, he does! I hope towards the end when our feelings for each other come out, comes out the way I want it to. But never give up hope. Even tho it is painful just keep hopeing!


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