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I thank heaven a 1000 times for it

Its long time now...i am 22 and its been 9 long yrs ever since i first felt the feel of love when he proposed me at 13 in class 8th.Well..he got over with this imfatuation (he callad it so)in a couple of yrs but that episode changed the essence of my life. Now, getting the feel of love at 13 is no big deal, but holding that love in ur heart for 9 long yrs with a seemingly fruitless hope of it getting fulfilled indeed a great acchievement!
All thru school we were love birds.But he felt the need to explore the effects of his looks in college , at the cost of being insensitive towards my feelings for him and not realising that by now he meant the world to me.I wanted to reason his behaviour but was too hurt to speak a word.Moreover he did'nt bother to answer my questioning eyes.We stopped seeing each other and I tried hard to live over the broken pieces of my heart.5long yrs passed...
At times i was completely shattered at my mind but my heart never gave up..Neither did it allow some1 else to reign over it.Time had healed my heart but not joined it back to 1 single piece. I lived in peace with the satisfaction of having loved truly atleast..Then 1 fine evening as i was busy shopping with a cell unknown number..i said "hello"..a known voice..a voice that had been echoing in my heart since 9 long yrs..i could'nt believe..and I was completely cold when it said .."SORRY".There was pain in the voice and I realised it needed a friendly soothing..Suddenly I became the schoolgirl who had learnt to write alphabets with him on 1 desk and recited poetries together..With a firm, clear, but caring voice I said him that he was the best person in the world and he deserved the best..i asked him not to be sad if he had lost something..for it was not his worth..
And he really felt better and thanked me...That night he asked me if he was worth my friendship..........not realising that he still was worth more than the most precious diamond for me. I agreed and we were friends again.He took utmost care of this new relationship...for now he realised what it lose some1 u love so truly..and not being answered for it..
He treasured the way I cared for him , but I never shared the true feelings of my heart. i was just too happy to have him around..even as a friend .But he took me by surprise on my 22nd B'day when he gifted me all the cards and gifts that I had bought for him all these yrs...and kept at the safe custody of my best friend..I was speechless to see them and my heart melted with the fire I now saw in his eyes...the fire I had always wished to see..
That evening he sat at my feet, his head on my lap and his eyes raining a 1000 emotions...My palms holding his hand tight ... no words ...but the souls talked for hours.He asked in silence "Dear I dont deserve,but can I have that love back ?" And I replied with sealed lips "What do u mean 'back'? it has always been yours and will always be"
Getting my school love back in a mature form is my lifetime acchievement..And I thank heaven a 1000 times for it..It was the best B'day gift !!


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