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Never kissed

There was a guy who I have known sence he has moved to my school,we were always good friends but then agian I always thought of him as something so much more. He had came over to my friends house one night (because he lives right next door) and we layed on the bed and just cuddled with each other flirted held hands but never kissed or anything.He had left that night and I though that maybe we would talk at school but we really diden't at all. He started dating his ex the night of a game we had and I can remember being so upset....But I felt like I had to wait for him,so I did. We would still go out on weekends and evreything but just as friends and that was the one thing I loved about him is that he was such a loyal guy.About 3 months later him and his girlfriend broke up, evreyone knew that I had feelings for him so they were all coming up to me telling me about it and I felt like I should give him sometime,but in the end I waited to long. There was a dance at our school on a Friday night and he was takeing me and my friends sister home (because they live right next door) well he took them home and then brought me back to my house. It was about 11:53 and he had a curphew for 12 so he said we gotta go and then the moment I had been waiting for happened....we kissed.But my happiness ended there, the sister to my friend that lives next door to him had got him to come over to there housse and he messed around with her not less then 2 days after he kissed me, yes I know a kiss isen't alot to some people but that kiss was EVREYTHING to me and now they are dating. I keep waiting for love but i had really thought that I had found it but once agian I was wrong.


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