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He was my first love

I use to date this one guy along time ago.We were both 17. He asked me out last january. I dated other guys before him but nothing compared to this special guy. He was my first love. Our love for eachother was like that of "the notebook". We did everything with eachother and were insepereable. We got SO close. I'll never forget the night where we stood under the stars as he stroked my face and said the "3 words"..I LOVE YOU. Eventually his parents made us break up because his mom didn't like me or so. My parents also started to dislike him because he caused a huge gap in my heart. I never cried so much in my life.I wanted to die. After the break up i never heard from him again. It only lasted 2 months but i was so attached to him already. There were nights when i'd visit the places where we'd hang out together, then i'd cry hoping i'd get in an accident on the way home. I had so much sadness, questions, and bitterness in me. I decided i was gonna break other guys hearts and never get attached again. MY goal for the upcoming summer was to play with other guys emotions and at the same time try to get my first love back. That is until i met HIM. I met this other guy during the summer. I at first thought it was gonna be some kind of summer fling, but it turned out to be something more, something i didnt have with my first love, and that was..true love. I never thought I'd ever fall for another guy again. This guy is my soulmate. I'm deeply in love with him right now. We've been together 5 months going on 6 months. Hes the one I've always dreamt for. He showed me what real love was, and helped me move on from my first love. He filled every gap there is in my heart, I love him so much. I dont know what i'd do without him. Not too long ago, like a month ago, my first love(ex) called me. We talked all night. Hes doing ok, but he said hes regrets breaking up with me and wished he woulda just told his parents to "back off". He also told me these words that still remain in my memory "a part of my heart will always be gone, but my feelings for you will always remain." You can never forget your first love. I know i'll never forget him. I will always cherish those memories he and I had, there will always a place in my heart for him.


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