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we were going back and forth with storm metaphors that were romantic

This is about this time I spent the day at my girlfriend's house. Ok, so I'm 13 now and was 12 at the time. Now, my mom took some convincing, because I'm the youngest of my sister and I, and I can tell she didn't want to pretty much surrender her only son to another woman. Anyway, I got dropped off at the bottom of the street where my girlfriend lives and she was waiting for me as we agreed. Once my mom drove off, we started up towards her house. Just kind of laughing and such. Then, we got there, and she moaned and said, "Great, now we hav to put up with my mom..." We walked in and her little sister and mother were just kind of sitting around in the kitchen. So, we exchanged greetings and such, but her dad was sleeping upstairs because he had had a strange kind of attack the night before, and I didn't get to say hi. So, we just hung out in the basement a while, and looked at some photo albums. When we were done, we went outside and went for a walk around the neighborhood. The strangest thing was it was sort of cold, but we were the only people outside. So, we just walked for a couple hours and talked about just whatever. Some things meaningful, others not. Then, we went back to her house. her mom was napping on the couch and her sister was at a friend's house, so we just hung out in her room. No, we did NOT like fool around or anything. We just talked even more. Then she said, "O, s***! I forgot we can't be in here!" So, we snuck back downstairs and back into the basement. We sat around listening to the radio and I was like, "D***ed kids and their rap music!" So she said, "Dumb grandpas and their lame music!" We both had a good laugh. Congradulations All Who are Still Reading You are Now the Weirdest Person on Earth! Anyway, we went outside, and went for another walk. We eventually went into the woods a little ways, and she was kind of quiet. I know her well enough to know what's going on in her head and asked her, "What's up?" She said, "It's just an idea... Just forget about it." I said, "Cmon you know you can tell me anything (This really was true, even then I knew her forward and back), What have you got to lose?" She said, "Okay, well, I'll give you a hint. It's something I'm scared to say, but might be worth it." I said, "Okay, tell me this. Will it hurt to say?" She answered, "No... Well, it will make things better, but I don't know if it's time yet. So, do you know yet?" Before that point I had the wishuful thought of my first kiss, but wasn't going to just blurt out, "Aw, you wanna kiss me? LAY ONE ON ME TOOTS!!!" Because, what if I was wrong? So, I said, "I think I might know, but I'm scared too." She said, "I'm sure you know, and knew from the beginning. Just say it." I was thinking, "O, god this is gonna be one fo our typical 'Say it! No, I don't want to!' conversations". So, I was trying to negotiate a way we could both say what was on our minds. Except, none of the ideas were used. So, I said, "Well, I won't bother you anymore. You have every right to keep that to yourself, and I respect that." She thanked me, and we went to leave, when I realised something. "Holy s***... I saw this spot in a dream once." We're both atheists but are very spiritual and believe dreams can have a great signifigance in our lives. So she said, "Wow, really? What was it about?" I told her the truth, but tweaked the ending. "We stood in that very spot. We were talking, but not with words just our spirits. Then, something important was about to happen, when a bright light faded out the vision. And I woke up." Really, we were about to kiss before it faded out, but if I told her that she would know that's what it was I was thinking. So, we went on walking and it came up again. By that point I was determined. I needed to know what it was. So, I just kept trying to convince her and she was getting close to telling me. I stopped only when we came to the top of a hill and saw the sunset as it shone upon the lake, like the rolling sea of fire that was our love. We both stood upon the hill. Just stopping time, to admire the sunset together. Then, we continued along until we eventually made it back to her house. She said, "Alright, I was thinking we could ki... we could k..." "You mean" She let out a relieved sigh and said "Ya..." Then, there was an awkward silence. I said, "You got that feelin' in your gut too?" She said so softly, "Ya, I do..." Then I said, "The silence before the storm..." So, we were going back and forth with storm metaphors that were romantic but got kind of old (lol!). Then, I remembered my mom said to call at 5:00 and it was like 7:45. So we went inside where her dad and mom were waiting and scolded us for coming home late. So then, I called my mom and told her to come pick me up. So, my girlfriend and I stood there under the stars. She said, "Well, I guess we'll have to wait for next time, huh?" I said, "Only we can decide that." Just when were about to do it, we both wussed out. So I sighed and said, "her name here, even if we don't actually kiss. I jest wanna say I love you..." Then, she pulled me closer by my side and we kissed briefly before we heard her mom coming. Luckilly, we don't think she saw us kiss. Though, it was definitely scary! When her mom walked away, I said "So, that was the dream... and the prophesy was fulfilled..." Then, we commenced in normal chatter until my mom picked me up. I'm sure it will please you to know that she was and still is my first girlfriend, that was my first and only kiss so far, there are so many other romantic times, and we are still in more love then ever.


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