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I had to go live in Germany for about a year

I had to go live in Germany for about a year when my father was transferred there temporarily. I was absolutely miserable leaving my friends from Canada behind and going to this strange place where I would know NOBODY and be completely alone for that year in Germany.

Soon, within the first few days, I befriended a girl who lived by me. But I hated her older brother. He was seventeen and I was fifteen; he was overly cocky and arrogant, I was shy and introverted; he had killer good looks, I thought I was hardly someone worth a second glance....and it was evident that we hated each others guts from the first day we met, always teasing and making fun of each other.

So anyways, one day I was shopping with my friend and her nasty brother in Frankfurt when my friend said she would be right right back, she needed to buy me a birthday present. So there I was standing in the streets with HER BROTHER. It was awkward beyond belief and whats worse, it started to POUR RAIN. He and I ran for shelter in a bus stop and quickly resumed our wait.

After a few minutes he broke the silence by all of a sudden saying softly "You know what? I've never hated you. And I don't know how to say this...." then he cut off and slowly took my hands in his own. Now, no guy has ever been interested in me, so I had no clue how to react appropriatly to this now realizing that I had always liked him too!! However I didn't have to search my mind for long because he quickly (but not forcefully :P ) wrapped his arms around me and pulled me against him then kissed me passionatly. The rain continued for about twenty more minutes but we certainly didn't mind!!!

When I left Germany with my family it was devastating for the both of us, we had been together for about five months in Germany. Within the next few months he finally came to Canada after our families decided he could live here with myself and my family and attend his last year of high school, and even attend University in Canada!!!! Now we have been together for almost two years And I love him more than anyone or anything in the world! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go join my sweetie downstairs for a bit of afternoon TV <3


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