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I will never forget him, or the month of November.

Three months ago I enrolled in a brand new high school as a brand new student, and ever since the first day this guy had been really interested in me. From the moment that I sat down in my desk, he was asking me all sorts of questions and complimenting me on how beautiful I was. I really didn't think anything of this, because it wasn't the first time it had happened but from that day on he would walk me to my locker, carry my books, and I'm not kidding he called me 9-10 times a day just to say hi, or to tell me that he was thinking of me. He actually brought flowers to school for me, for no reason at all other than that he wanted to show that he cared for me. All of his friends constantly told me that he had it bad for me, that he never shut up about me when I wasn't around. One day, when we were walking together, on our way home, he turns to me.. grabs my hand and tells me that he has never felt this way about anyone before... that he wished I would give him a chance (because at this point I didnt feel that I wanted a boyfriend) I didnt say anything and all of the sudden he stands in front of me and looks straight into my eyes and says, " I love you. " And then his eyes started to water and he turned away from me. He then told me that in one monthhe would be moving back to Panama, where he was from, but that if I was willing he would do everything he could to make sure that our month together would be a memorable one. At this point, my heart had broken in what felt like a thousand pieces because nobody had ever treated me like this esspecially at such a young age. So I agreed. Our month together was beautiful. He was romantic, clever, and respectful. He was all of the things that I thought had not existed in such a young teenager. I have never cried for so long and so hard as I did when he left. But I will never forget him, or the month of November.


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