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I was modeling in texas with 3 girls

I was modeling in texas with 3 girls that I had just met and we we're going to be spending 1 week together so I figured I would get to know them, well I became good friends with one of the girls and we got along great. her boyfriend had ended up coming up there and one night we all went to eat inside this hotel at one of the restaurants and we we're all laughing and having a good time, and the girls boyfriend gets his cell phone and calls one of his friends, and his girlfriend said that he was calling lane which is the love of my life now and she mentioned that he was single and wanted to know if i would meet him, and everything she said was good and I trusted her judgement, well being the outgoing person that I am I said let me talk to him and really all I was going to say was hi and whats up well we ended up talking till about midnight and got to know each other over the phone and from that day on we talked everyday for hours, well time came and I left texas and went back home and I found out he only lived 30 min away from me but went to college 2 hours away and at this time he was at college. On tuesday we we're talking on the phone after I got home from school and just for the record I had on these ugly sunflower shorts, my hair was on top of my head, and I had no makeup on. Well we had planned that we were going to meet on wednesday and go to my church, well I was giving him directions to my house and he repeated them back to me and I said yep thats right and right after i said that he's like I'm in your drive-way!!! I was like what???? He's like you need to come outside, I'm here at your house, at this point in time I was majorly freaking out!!! b/c for one a big surprise and 2 I wasn't exactly in a presentable fashion. So we met and dated for about a week and he asked me out at a football jamboree, and of course I said yes, b/c I practically fell in love with him over the phone and today is 4 months that we've been dating!!! I'm so happy to have him in my life, I've had so many screwed up relationships and been hurt so many times and now I've found him and I know that he would never hurt me, and he loves me so much and actually cares about the important things in a relationship!! I will always love him!


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