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We exchanged was a few glances when he did chores in his grandpa's yard next-door

We met through school. We also lived in the same neighborhood however, all we exchanged was a few glances when he did chores in his grandpa's yard next-door. We were in band together at school. Everything about it was pushing us together now that i look back on it. But it wasn't until my stepdad and his grandpa started walking together and properly introduced us that we suddenly sparked. That very day we spent hours talking to eachother...I liked him...and come to find out...he liked my best friend. What was I to say? She was my best friend...she didn't like him, I did, and he liked her. This was the most awkward situation i had encountered. well, months later, when he had gotten over my friend...we were walking around the block, he was joking around and said "let's go to A***'s house and pretend we're going out!!" i agreed. We went to the house and joked about it for a while. we headed to my house around the corner and he said " you wanna go out?" i was still taking it as a i jokingly said "ya! ok!" this became a big mess over the weeks, but one summer night after those extremly confusing weeks, on July 5th, he said "So, do you really want to go out?"....come to find out he just didn't have the guts to ask me out...and he didn't think i'd like him so...he moved on to my friend. Things went like a fairy-tale for months...and it seemed like we were meant to be. We knew every single family member, went to every family-get-together, were at eachother's houses ever day, we spend every moment together. we spent hours talking of how we would live life together. a few months later...he started working...alot. staying out with friends for hours and would just ignore me...dumb me i didn't realize this is all men. he was my first love and i was mad he didn't want to spend every minute with me anymore. six days after our one-year anniversary and thirty minutes before i had to work his car slowly pulls into my driveway..."we have to talk" he says. i know what is coming but i am taken breathless by the fact it was actually happening. "i don't think this is going to work out anymore" he says. i say "ok" and i turn around...and start to walk away...he gets in his car, i turn and throw my ring he gave to me exactly 11 months before..and he drives away. I watch as the distance between us grows farther and farther away and it is as if my heart is being stretched along with it trying to hold on and not snap as the distance between us grows farther apart. he was gone. i fall in the front of my yard and cry....i walk inside get ready for work...all there is is silence on the way there...i get there and everyone asks what is wrong. i spent the night crying in the stalls of pear's lakeside resaraunt. i stil love him. i always will. we only speak online now.. and i've tried to get him back...i've tried so hard. however, i've found a great guy he's the only guy i've had enough guts to take a chance on giving my whole self to ever since my ex. we've been together just over two months now and everything is going great. he appreciates what he has, as do i. however,i am still very cautious, maybe a little bit too much at times unfortunately. but i'm nuts about the guy i'm with right now and there were many before him that i had not been so willing to give my whole self to. the guy i'm with right now is wonderful and i hope and pray things will work out as long as they are meant, and i pray i have the strenth to realize it if we are meant to be.

the jones girl


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