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These men were huge with knives and bats

I was with this boy for a long time we even got engaged and had a party to celebrate all our friends and family came, then one night we were going out for a meal with a few others when my fiance got into a fight his friend started the fight and than run off and left him to deal with it these men were huge with knives and bats, i didnt know what to do so i rang my brother who came to the rescue but the police also turnt up and asked what happened my fiance's friend who started it name was given to the police because a shop got smashed up in the process my fiance thought i was the one who told the police his friends name and we had a big arguement so i turnt round and said i did say it, he told me to f**k off so i went to walk out and he pushed the front door shut i told him to let me go i wish never (we broke up). I was absoultely devasted by what had happened i blamed his mate who started the fight my temper was boiling i just wanted to hurt his friend so bad but i never. I then left thinking my fiance would be back when he calmed down but he didnt i wish i had rang him now but i never, i miss him so much we had been through so much together he helped me when i sank into depression and i was in hospital because i tried to take my own life, he was there for me when i lost his child he was everythink to me i dont know what i am going to do, it has now been nearly 4 months we have not been together for i am slowly trying to move forward with my life although i know if he come back i would let him back in my life with open arms because i love and always will no matter what.


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