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My mom walked in

I was in my room thinking how awful it was that i was moving! i had no choice, my mom bought the house. i packed my bags and got in the car. as the car backed out of the driveway and drove up the street, the memories of my friends flooded my mind. then once we left the neiborhood and turned into the new neiborhood we were going to live in. then almost instantly i say a boy tha was skatebording down our street w/ his friends. ( I LOOOOVVVVEEE skateborders) this one guy looked at me andsmiled i smiled back and got out of the car. as he turned around i guess he was checking me out or somthing because he fell off his skatebored!! ( Thats One way to meet the love of your life! lol)i walked up to him and asked him if he was alright and he said he was. ( ofcorse he would say that.) i knew he wasnt when i saw him bleeding and i got a bandage for him. he looked me in my eyes and complimemted them. while he was talking i was lost in his eyes studying his face. he asked me a question ansd laughed when i did not reply. he waved his hand infront of me and snaped his finger, "you ok?" he asked. yep, i replied. i tried to pay attention to his words but then i started studying his body. he had many scars and cuts. i almost felt sorry for him. he noticed what i had been looking at and told me he had fallen off his skatebored numorous times. a few days later he was passing by my house and asked if that was the house i was living in, i said yes (ofcorse) and he replied with this wacky story that the house was 'haunted'. i replied saying, " oh really, well you can come keep me company in my bedroom and keep the monsters away." (flirting) and we both laughed. he came inside and we watched tv and played video games and talked. it was hot in my room so i was putting my hair up and i looked at him and he was staring at me, so i smiled at him. ( he said that was when he said i stole his heart) i sat on my bed and the strangest thing came over me that moment and i leaned over to him and kissed him on the cheek. after a long period of aqward silence he kissed me back on the lips, the slowly got on top of me and starting french kissing me! ( dont worry we didnt do anything your thinking!) my mom walked in. THAT MUST HAVE BEEN MY MOST EMBARRISING MOMENT EVER!!!! i saw him the next day , but with another girl. apparently he had... well, a girlfriend. i walked up to him and slaped him. his girlfriend looked at me puzzled. "she is your girlfriend?" i had asked.
he looked at us both and said nothing. i ran to my home and locked the door. ( i know this is supposed to be a love story but that was the closest i've been to love, and i hope that it never happeneds to anyone else because that was very painfull)


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